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Pinewood Derby Car Kit

Pinewood Derby Complete Car Kits

The Pinewood Derby is a fantastic event for you and your cub scout. It teaches building skills, friendly competition, and exercising creativity. You and your cub also enjoy the time together building the Pinewood Derby vehicles. However, you may find that a complete Pinewood Derby car kit makes the process easier.

The Traditional Pinewood Derby Arrangement

In a traditional Pinewood Derby build, you and your cub do all the work with the tools you have available. This can be quite the labor-intensive process. If you want to compete in the adult leagues too, it doubles the work.

Finding a Car Design

The aerodynamics of a Pinewood Derby car body, axles, and wheels can be tricky. Applying the principles into a speedy design takes practice. Additionally, you never know if you and your cub’s plan will work after you put the time into it.

Carving the Block

Unless you have access to machinery, this can be time-consuming, unlike a Pinewood Derby complete car kit. You need saws and a significant amount of sandpaper to get a rough design. Then you will spend a lot of time helping your cub smooth it out.

Machining the Wheels

While the standard kit wheels look like they are smooth, they typically aren’t. That’s simply how the wheel making process goes. You need to machine them into perfect smoothness while still sticking to the rules. Then there’s sealing and polishing.

Aligning the Axles

Axles are a critical friction reduction component. However, getting them either perfectly straight or bent correctly for rail riding is a unique challenge. Otherwise, your cub’s car will bounce against the rail constantly and lose speed.

Managing the Weight

Weight is an enormous factor, and creating a Pinewood Derby car from scratch means you must balance it. A complete Pinewood Derby car kit comes with the exact weight you need. Meanwhile, others are stuck using lead or hoping they find the right weight of tungsten pre-measured.

What a Complete Pinewood Derby Car Kit Gets You

The alternative is a Pinewood Derby car kit. These offer a fun option compared to the traditional car building process. These cars are perfectly constructed right out of the box. However, that doesn’t eliminate your scout’s and your participation in the build.

Guaranteed Speed

With a Pinewood Derby car kit, every component is set up for speed right out of the box. There’s no need to worry about whether the axle is adequately polished or if the wheels have imperfection. You can put it on a track within ten minutes, and it will demonstrate incredible speed.

Precision Engineering Pinewood Derby Car Kit

One of the limits of traditional Pinewood Derby kits is the machining components. The tools you have access to limit what you can do. A complete Pinewood Derby car kit is professionally produced. That means the best machines with the most precision worked on all your car components.

Spend More Time Enjoying the Pinewood Derby

With a complete Pinewood Derby car kit, you don’t have to spend your and your cub’s time worrying about the details. The Pinewood Derby car kit takes care of all the tedious sanding, polishing, and shaping. You can enjoy the time at the Derby more.

Your Cub Makes the Pinewood Derby Car Their Own

Simply because you bought a Pinewood Derby kit does not mean your cub can’t make it their own. These car kits still need an amazing paint job. Your cub can create their own unique car that you don’t need to worry about the design of. It’s a fantastic balance.

The Derby Dust Difference -Pinewood Derby Car Kit

Derby Dust is a premier supplier of Pinewood Derby parts. Derby Dust ships Pinewood Derby axles, wheels, tools, and more. All these items help you create the perfect car for your or your cub’s races.

Derby Dust is committed to the spirit of the Pinewood Derby.  The competition helps build well-rounded cubs, and it’s plain fun. It’s a good pack bonding experience. The pack spends a lot of time together, helping each other collaboratively while they’re competing.

Using Derby Dust products makes the Pinewood Derby car creation process easy. You’re not limited to what tools you can get a hold of and car kits arrive ready to race. Derby Dust believes in creating products for you that help make Pinewood Derby races fun and fast.

It’s your and your cub’s Pinewood Derby races, and it should be as fun as possible!